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Are you financially stable? You definitely are if you pay by cash and still have money left after purchasing items! Sometimes we do not know what amount of money suggests that we are financially stable. You might have chased financial stability for quite a long time, but what if you already are?!

But is paying by cash the only sign? Here are the top 10 signs that suggest that you are financially stable!

You sleep peacefully

This might not be a direct indicator of your financial stability, but if you sleep peacefully and wake up without any financial stress, you are definitely in a good position. Even if you are entirely not without financial stress, it is trivial and can be easily solved.

You use your credit cards for your benefit

Generally people who cannot afford the things they want have a bad habit of using credit cards just to extend their paychecks! If you are financially stable, you use them for your own ease in order to save yourself from carrying cash. But you also clear your credit card bills timely! Rewards are a great thing when it comes to credit cards! And you use your credit card for the same and not out of necessity! 

You are not worried about being jobless

It would be a complete financial disaster to lose a job for those people who are not financially stable! This is because a majority of people in the US sustain themselves from the month to month paychecks that they receive. So if you are financially in a good position, losing your job won’t affect your day to day life!

You pay on time

When you have plenty of money, you tend to pay your bills on time to avoid the excess interest and fines. You don’t stress over your bills and this is a contributing factor to your peaceful sleep at night! 

Your financial opinion matters

Do your friends and relatives come to you asking for financial advice? That is because you are well off financially and people want to follow your steps! This is a clear indication that you are financially stable and your opinion definitely matters to people!

You save well for your retirement

Since you think of early retirement, you make the maximum contribution towards your retirement. Sometimes it is in double digit percentages. This is a clear indication that you are financially stable since most people consider contributing only a bare minimum percentage!

You spend without hesitation during special occasions

People who are not in a good financial position, will never be able to spend well on birthdays, Christmas or vacations. However, this is not your case! When it comes to spending on special occasions, you spend without any hesitation! You make sure to make every vacation and holiday memorable, without having to worry about your paychecks!

Saving comes to you naturally

Saving is one of the crucial habit that you need to become financially stable. But it comes naturally to you, since you have been doing it for quite a long time! When you save with a purpose, it is because you want to have a better future!

You have an increasing net worth

If your net worth increases every year by a fair amount, that is because you are investing a good amount of your money! This is a clear indicator that you are financially stable, since you are investing instead of paying debts! 

You don’t think about your future

You are confident enough of your future and so you don’t think about it! By becoming financially stable, you know that your capital will be able to sustain your future smoothly!

Are you seeing all these signs in you? Congratulations! You are financially stable! Even if you are not, try to make adjustments in your life that will make you one!


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